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Distribution range extension of the White-cheeked Cotinga Zaratornis stresemanni (Aves: Cotingidae) in southern Peru
Family Cotingidae in Handbook of the Birds of the World.
Ocotea endresiana fruits are eaten primarily by five species of birds: Emerald Toucanet (Ramphastidae: Aulacorhynchus prasinus), Resplendent Quetzal (Trogonidac: Pharomachrus mocinno), Three-wattled Bellbird (Cotingidae: Procnias tricarunculata), Mountain Robin (Turdidae: Turdus plebejus), and Black Guan (Cracidae: Chamaepetes unicolor), all of which breed in the study site during the fruiting season.
Myiarchus cephalotes Pale-edged Flycatcher CH, S COTINGIDAE, Fruiteater, Cotinga 178.
Nuevos registros de Macropsalis forcipata, Cyanocorax caeruleus y Pyroderus scutatus (Aves: Caprimulgidae, Corvidae y Cotingidae) en la provincia de Corrientes, Argentina.
Entre los frugivoros, las familias Psittacidae, Ramphastidae, Cracidae y Cotingidae figuran entre las mas sensibles (KATTAN, 1992).
Distribution of the Peruvian Plantcutter Phytotoma raimondii (Passeriformes: Cotingidae).
SKUTCH, A., 1969.- Families Cotingidae, Pipridae, Formicaridae, Furnariidae, Dendrocolaptidae and Picidae.