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The Costa Ricans did fight back from 3-0 down to 3-2, but paid for missing several chances as they were hit by two more Brazilian goals midway through the second half.
My Costa Rican friend Celeste, ordinarily mild-mannered to a fault, was turning purple.
Since then the study of Costa Rican politics has become somewhat of a "growth industry," producing many journal articles and chapters in edited volumes focusing on specific aspects of Costa Rican politics.
But breaking with past traditions, this time there apparently were not enough Costa Rican workers to do the necessary work, and workers were also attracted from Nicaragua, Panama, and even Honduras.
For starters, it hires only Costa Ricans for its 87 positions, and most are natives of Guanacaste province.
That's one question Costa Ricans and conservationists are still debating.
The fervor with which Costa Ricans and others have embraced the crusade to save the National Theater attests its importance as both as artistic monument and as a symbol of national culture.
The results, showing that Costa Ricans were in favor of U.S.
The Costa Rican government continues to express concern over the increased presence of illegal drugs and related crimes, including street crime and the growing influence of Mexican and South American drug trafficking organizations.
Greece were running out of time but were able to eventually break down the Costa Rican defence in stoppage time forcing extra time.
We must remain alert and vigilant, ready to go to the end, using the legitimate instruments allowing for the defense of our sovereignty," the president told Costa Ricans, referring to diplomacy and the country's abolishing its Army more than six decades ago.
Many sophisticated Costa Ricans worry that their country has become a pawn of U.S.