cost-benefit analysis

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an analysis of the cost effectiveness of different alternatives in order to see whether the benefits outweigh the costs

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Keywords: Electric vehicle, cost-benefit analysis, multi-criteria decision analysis, decision support system
We knew that Washington state was shaking things up and that more states could benefit from applying a cost-benefit analysis to their programs," says Pew's Gary VanLandingham.
By their logic, no regulation can be justified without a cost-benefit analysis.
One of the reasons OIRA was so successful in spurring the development of analytic capacity at the EPA and other executive agencies is that it collaborated with the agencies in both developing cost-benefit methodology and in incorporating the outputs of CBA into agencies' proposed rules.
In this text, Robert J Brent considers the economics approach to cost-benefit analysis to evaluate health care decisions.
On the first question, industry groups--principally trade associations representing polluters--favored the use of cost-benefit analysis, arguing that environmental benefits needed to be weighed against the resulting undesirable economic consequences.
That would be nowhere in the cost-benefit analysis.
For 20 of those, the agency performed cost-benefit analyses and nine of these represented an economic impact of $100 million or more.
The study found that 10 states-Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin-were in the vanguard using cost-benefit analyses to generate answers about programs' return on investment and to drive policy decisions, particularly in their largest budget areas.
Writing for students and teachers of college level courses on cost-benefit analysis, Quah (economics, Nanyang Technical U.
The CBI, which is critical of the ICB's proposal to restrain banks, said that a 'rigorous cost-benefit analysis' would bring to light the merits or demerits of the proposals.
Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) is a conceptual framework applied to any quantitative, systematic assessment of a public or private project to determine whether or to what extent it is valuable from a social perspective.
The most significant argument against EPA's Phase II Rule addressed by Riverkeeper was that EPA had impermissibly construed section 316(b) to allow determination of BTA based on cost-benefit analysis.
The record on cost-benefit is clear: it has repeatedly failed to assess fairly the benefits of proposed regulations, while consistently overstating the costs.
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