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cosmetic surgery

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Synonyms for plastic surgery

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He advised those desirous of hair transplantation to contact only qualified cosmetic surgeon, who are members of the Hair Restoration Society of Pakistan.
The Atlanta cosmetic surgeons featured in the rankings include:
ACTION: MP Jones " After 47,000 British women were told their French breast implants were at risk of rupturing four years ago, NHS Medical Director Prof Sir Bruce Keogh recommended that cosmetic surgeons should have certificates of fitness.
People assume cosmetic surgeons are specialists and they are clearly not.
The American cosmetic surgeons were shocked to get the lowdown from the super-squealer, and consequently got an exceedingly poor impression of some of their local counterparts.
This would allow both patients and employers to tell a proficient cosmetic surgeon from a professional who has limited or no recognised experience in the specific procedure.
While Leah is trained in and will be carrying out a number of non-surgical procedures, Taimur insisted only fullyqualified, specialist cosmetic surgeons will carry out surgery and, currently, surgical patients will be seen by him.
"All cosmetic surgeons working at Spire are on the GMC specialist register and hold appropriate indemnity cover.
Cosmetic surgeons have coined a term for this -- Facebook Facelift.
FORMER glamour model Alicia Douvall is spearheading a campaign to stop cowboy cosmetic surgeons.
The symposium will attract dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and skin care professionals from all over the world.
Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, and cosmetic surgeons discuss anatomy and the aging process; anesthesia and sedation for office cosmetic procedures; fillers and neurotoxins; and a variety of cosmetic applications of light, radiofrequency, and ultrasound energy.
Over 32,000 procedures were reported by one association of cosmetic surgeons alone in 2007, three times more than in 2003.
But availability of cosmetic surgery is limited -- Al-Sahan says fewer than half a dozen cosmetic surgeons operate in the country -- and patients have to provide their own Botox or silicone.