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the branch of dentistry dealing with the appearance of the teeth

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The leading cosmetic dental procedure is almost always teeth whitening, now ubiquitous in the USA.
Dr Samantha Price and Dr Julian Chen are both experienced and qualified to provide the latest in cosmetic dental treatments from teeth whitening to composite and porcelain veneers.
Guy De Vreese, Chairman, stated, "GlamSmile[TM] is a revolutionary cosmetic dental product developed and patented by Remedent that substantially expands the consumer and professional dental market for veneers.
com)-- Meza Dental, a leading Cosmetic Dental clinic in Costa Rica which serves the growing North American dental tourism market, named Howard Siegler as their Director of Marketing.
DALLAS -- The Cosmetic Enhancement Expo presented by D Beauty -- Dallas' premier educational event for consumers considering cosmetic surgery, laser treatments, cosmetic dental procedures, LASIK and other services - has announced the program schedule for the 2007 conference, to be held at Dallas Market Hall on Sept.
Predominantly a NHS dental practice at present, it also provides private orthodontic specialist care and the Farmah brothers said they were now looking to expand and develop the private services to include cosmetic dental treatments, facial aesthetics and implants.
A BRIGHOUSE-based cosmetic dental practice is gearing up for a huge awards season.
com), in Apple Valley, is urging local residents to get cosmetic dental services prior to seeing family and friends for the upcoming holidays.
Eric Johnson announcing a re-commitment to his comprehensive cosmetic dental care effort based needs voiced by actual patients.
New Smile offer general dentistry treatment options with cosmetic dental treatment delivered by Jack Jenkinson, who gained his MSc qualification in restorative dentistry and has practised in Jesmond and the Netherlands.
Centrally located in London, this beautiful spa-like office can provide its patients all general and cosmetic dental treatment needs with a team of distinguished dentists, specialists, and hygienists all in one office.
7 (BNA): The Dentist's Lifestyle Conference and Exhibition is set to promote medical and dental tourism in Bahrain by positioning Bahrain as the foremost destination among clients seeking cosmetic dental procedures.
Court documents further allege that Singleton used healthcare financing credit cards held in the names of other individuals to fraudulently obtain payment for cosmetic dental care services.
DISC has announced that its packaging collection for APA Beauty's new line of cosmetic dental products was honored with a Silver Award in the American Packaging Design competition sponsored by Graphic Design USA.
The Courtyard will also feature a number of new businesses and concepts providing services to Seef District's population and visitors such as a men's grooming lounge and a cosmetic dental studio among others, said Maalem Holding head of real estate Ahmed Taleb.