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the branch of dentistry dealing with the appearance of the teeth

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How to improve your smile (part 1) Cosmetic dental procedures are one way of improving the look of your smile.
They do offer cosmetic dental services including teeth whitening, dental implants, Invisalign, and Fastbraces treatment and white fillings.
The Cosmetic Dental Clinic is the only practice in the North of England that holds the Platinum Elite Status for Invisalign: a treatment involving a series of clear braces, which are replaced every fortnight for a period of nine to 15 months and gradually straighten the patient's teeth.
The clinic, located at the Mashtan Residence, has been offering cosmetic dental solutions since 2006 and has recently become one of the first clinics in the Middle East to introduce the Six Month Smiles treatment.
Tooth whitening is the most common elective dental procedure and the most conservative, affordable and minimally invasive way to address cosmetic dental needs, says Dr.
With TV programmes like Ten Years Younger everyone wants to know how they can improve their appearance," said Dr Trail, aged 45, a former pupil of Ladywood Comprehensive School, who carries out the cosmetic dental work in an area designed to calm down clients who fear the dentist's chair.
Many cosmetic dental surgeries also offer affordable six or 12-month payment plans to ensure that fantastic dentistry is available to everyone.
Nixon of Agoura Hills, a renowned dentist and dental innovator who developed and wrote about many cosmetic dental techniques that are used today.
Dr Dai Davies, who works in Harley Street but is from Wales, has joined forces with a cosmetic dental group to offer the service in Cardiff.
Smashed teeth can be replaced by private cosmetic dental specialists and if the road rage is particularly bad there is pounds 150,000 worth of hospitalisation cover on offer too.
So many exciting challenges come in to play when presenting complicated, comprehensive and cosmetic dental cases to our patients.
Dentist Tariq Idris, who who runs the Chester Cosmetic Dental Practice in Cheshire, said: "Steven came to us for that extra sparkle celebrities often feel they need.
After almost 25 years in the profession the dentist has become an outspoken critic of the powerful cosmetic dental industry that seems to have become afflicted with a dangerous fringe of dentists who take advantage of the public's desire for 'perfect teeth'.
The market overview section of the cosmetic implants market report also provides a highlight of the competitive landscape of the market wherein the market share analysis of the leading players in the cosmetic dental implants market and cosmetic implants market (excluding cosmetic dental implant segment), in terms of percentage share in 2013 has been discussed.
Thanks to the advancements in cosmetic dental procedures, we are able to improve your smile with quick, painless and surprisingly affordable treatments.