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the branch of dentistry dealing with the appearance of the teeth

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So if you're looking for cosmetic dental treatment, a complete oral rehabilitation or just wish to have exceptional general dental care, contact the clinic to book a consultation.
7 (BNA): The Dentist's Lifestyle Conference and Exhibition is set to promote medical and dental tourism in Bahrain by positioning Bahrain as the foremost destination among clients seeking cosmetic dental procedures.
According to Sadri, a 35-year-old immigrant who practices in LA and Manhattan, he was returning ro New York from Hollywood after a week of performing cosmetic dental work for his Oscars-bound clients when he was seated next to a "6-or 7-year-old boy" of Latino descent who was nervous and crying before takeoff.
DISC has announced that its packaging collection for APA Beauty's new line of cosmetic dental products was honored with a Silver Award in the American Packaging Design competition sponsored by Graphic Design USA.
The Courtyard will also feature a number of new businesses and concepts providing services to Seef District's population and visitors such as a men's grooming lounge and a cosmetic dental studio among others, said Maalem Holding head of real estate Ahmed Taleb.
(1) Various treatments like body art and cosmetic dental treatments are becoming so attractive to achieve their desired aesthetic appearance, attention, to make a fashion statement and to be unique among the crowd.
Branemark and his colleagues, various implant manufacturers collaborating with clinical dentists across the globe have developed implant solutions for nearly every conceivable instance of missing teeth, making it one of the fastest-growing cosmetic dental procedures in the country.
The luture looks bright for whitening, which remains the #1 mot requested cosmetic dental procedure.
The prize includes a wedding reception at the five-star St David's Hotel and Spa, a dress and suits courtesy of Perfection Bridal, flowers from I Love Lily, a cake from Celtic Cakes, transport by Price's Wedding Cars, Chair Covers and Bows, professional teeth whitening and cosmetic dental consultation from Pontcanna Dental Care, music by The Boutique Disco, hair by St David's Hotel Blue Hair Design, photography by Studio 87 and hen and stag dinners at Giovanni's Park Place.
Chris Lee, principle dentist and cosmetic dental expert at Premident, said: "Everyone knows how hard mothers work, but unfortunately this comes at a price, with them looking after others more than themselves.
"Once the health of your mouth is ensured, you are ready to proceed with cosmetic dental procedures, such as whitening, cosmetic bonding, veneers, and/or orthodontic treatment," says Jolly.
The term `a million-dollar smile' seems to have been taken quite literally as cosmetic dental surgery gains popularity across the world.
They estimate that among cosmetic dental treatments teeth whitening is the most common.
The dentist's clinic is nearly the equivalent of a beauty parlour for many, who are rushing to avail of cosmetic dental procedures that offer solutions for a range of problems and smile makeovers.