sine wave

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a wave whose waveform resembles a sine curve

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(3) Through the constitutive relation test in the 1: 1 full-scale FVD model of Xigu Yellow River Bridge in Lanzhou, the results show that when the relative displacement of the damper piston pod is a sine curve, the time-history curve of the velocity and the time-history curve of the damping force can be seen as cosine curve approximately.
Accordingly, in all but 1 participant, the 25-h hs-cTnl and s-cTnl profile did not fit significantly to a cosine curve. Even participant 24, with hs-cTnl and s-cTnl values above the 99th percentile upper reference limit, and with the most prominent diurnal oscillations for hs-cTnT, showed relatively stable hs-cTnl and s-cTnl concentrations during the 25-h test period (see online Supplemental Figs.
At the supported clearance b = 0.3 mm, the time waveform approximates to a sine or cosine curve. Frequency of [omega], 2[omega], and 3[omega] can be seen in frequency spectrum plot.
The test consisted of adjusting a cosine curve to the real 24-h time series (Cosinor method).
The annulus development coefficient fluctuates above and below a certain value, showing obvious features of a sine or cosine curve; thus, sine and cosine curves were superpositioned to fit the fluctuation of the data.