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21) For more details on local names for Borrassusflabellifer and Corypha umbraculifera in India and Indonesia, see the table provided by Jahn (2006:927-8).
The flowering and fruiting of Corypha elata in South Florida.
Of the nine genera of starch-producing palms known to be utilized for food in island southeast Asia (Johnson 1977), only Metroxylon, Arenga, Borassus, Eugeissona, Caryota, and possibly Corypha, provide starch on a significant scale.
Even the gigantic, smelly, and phallic inflorescences of Amorphophallus are dwarfed by the enormous branched inflorescence of Corypha palms, which produce the largest known floral structures.
Sago" among those groups refers not only to Metroxylon sagu but also Eugeissona utilis, Arenga, Caryota, and Corypha (Sellato personal communication).
Acroparia (ACR) y corypha (CO) unidos, con 23 sedas largas y finas (ACRS y COS).
Gatin (1906a) has described germination of Corypha.
Effect of high temperature pretreatment on the germination of Corypha umbraculifera seeds.
A type of manuscript made from leaves of the corypha palm.
In some cases, the hypodermal layer is replaced by fibers, solitary or arranged in bundles at regular intervals; in other cases the fibers can form a continuous layer, as in Borassus (Borasseae), Corypha and Itaya (Corypheae), and Pseudophoenix (Cyclospatheae).
Epipharynx transverse, strongly rounded at sides; anterior margin nearly straight; epitorma conical, at each side with a longitudinal row of stout spines; corypha slightly protruding beyond front margin, usually with apical clump of stout and elongate spiculae; pedia densely pubescent with several short, stout, scattered chaetae; chaetopariae moderately dense and moderately elongate.