Corylus americana

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nut-bearing shrub of eastern North America

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N = number of DPBs measured for each species for all sample areas combined DPB (mm) Common name Scientific name Mean (SD) Range N Red Oak Quercus rubra 3.6 (1.4) 2-8 31 White Oak Quercus alba 4.9 (0.9) 3-6 9 Bur Oak Quercus macrocarpa 3.0 (0.0) NA 2 American Hazel Corylus americana 2.6 (0.8) 2-4 17 Box Elder Acer negundo 4.3 (0.7) 2-5 32 Quaking Aspen Populus tremuloides 4.3 (0.7) 3-6 18 Cottonwood Populus deltoides 3.5 (0.6) 3-4 7 Willow sp.
John's-wort), Cephalanthus occidentalis (buttonbush), Sambucus canadensis (common elder), and Corylus americana.
Shrubs included sandbar willow (Salix exigua) and American hazel (Corylus americana), but featured a number of species with edible berries and fleshy fruits such as chokecherry (Prunus virginiana), wild rose (Rosa spp.), raspberry (Rubus idaeus) and Saskatoon (Amelanchier alnifolia).