Corydalus cornutus

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large soft-bodied insect having long slender mandibles in the male

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Visually, aquatic insect densities appeared low; however caddisflies (Hydropsychidae), dobsonflies (Corydalus cornutus), craneflies (Tipula spp.), water striders (Gerridae), midges (Chironomidae), and damselflies (Zygoptera) were observed in larval and sometimes adult forms throughout the study.
Almost two-thirds of the hellgrammites (Corydalus cornutus) from a Tennessee stream carried chironomids (Furnish et al., 1981).
Phoretic relationships between Corydalus cornutus (Megaloptera: Corydalidae) and Chironomidae in Eastern Tennessee.
The life history and population energetics of Corydalus cornutus in central Texas is known (Stewart et al., 1973; Brown and Fitzpatrick, 1978; Epperson and Short, 1987; Short et al., 1987).
Stomach contents analysis for three size categories [mean length from tip of clypeus to tip of abdomen [+ or -] SE (N)] of Corydalus cornutus from the South Llano River, Kimble Co., Texas.