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In the present study, however, arthropods may be an important component in the otter diet once insects not associated to fish remains were found in six samples, one of those with only megalopteran Corydalus sp.
Leptoceridae Indeterminado Glossosomatidae Mastigoptyla brevicornuta Perlidae Indeterminado Corydalidae Corydalus sp.
Lepidopteros de la familia Noctuidae, Lepidoptera indeterminados, Corydalus texanus (Megaloptera), y dipteros del genero Simulium sp.
Production of Corydalus cornutus (Megaloptera) in four streams differing in size, flow, and temperature.
Visually, aquatic insect densities appeared low; however caddisflies (Hydropsychidae), dobsonflies (Corydalus cornutus), craneflies (Tipula spp.), water striders (Gerridae), midges (Chironomidae), and damselflies (Zygoptera) were observed in larval and sometimes adult forms throughout the study.
Almost two-thirds of the hellgrammites (Corydalus cornutus) from a Tennessee stream carried chironomids (Furnish et al., 1981).
The genus Corydalus is an engulfing predator, and in lotic-erosional and depositional streams, this genus is adapted to cling to, and climb among, the substrate (Evans and Neunzig, 1984).
1 Pyr1 Megaloptera Corydalidae Corydalus Cor Odonata Calopterygidae Calopterygidae sp.
Los generos con mayor distribucion espacial fueron: Baetodes y Leptonema (presentes en todos los sitios), seguidos de Asioplax, Calosopsyche, Camelobaetidius, Corydalus, Leptohyphes y Tricorythodes, los cuales se localizaron en 10 sitios unicamente (Cuadro 3).
TABLE 1 Taxa found at the Esparza River in samples of leaf litter in currents and pools during 2007 Genus Current Pool Ambrysus x Argia x x Belostoma x Caenis x x Camelobaetidius x x Cercobrachys x Chelifera x Chimarra x x Chironominae x Corydalus x x Farrodes x x Hetaerina x x Heteragrion x x Leptohyphes x x Leptonema x Limnocoris x x Macrothemis x x Microvelia x Odontomyia x Pelonomus x x Phyllogomphoides x x Progomphus x x Rhagovelia x Simulium x Smicridea x Thraulodes x x TABLE 2 Results of the nested ANOVA for the abiotic variables river width and maximum depth among pools (X = 30.06 cm) and currents (X = 21.73 cm) during the dry season.
(cucarachas) (Orthoptera-Blattidae), Fidicinoides epigea (Cigarras) (Homoptera-Cicadidae), Corydalus sp.