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a small quadrilateral constellation in the southern hemisphere near Virgo


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We believe the Tetrad is the most powerful portable identity device on the market today states Jeff Kormanec, CEO of Corvus Integration.
The highest paid pilots at Corvus make USD117 while at Great Lakes it's just USD48 for experienced fliers.
The agreement provides Corvus with the latest technology from the world's dominant producer of cells for both transportation and grid applications (Navigant Research, 2015).
Corvus is granted a retained NSR royalty of 1% on precious metals and 1% on base metals.
Vernalis, a United Kingdom-based developmental stage pharmaceutical company, has chosen United States-based Corvus Pharmaceuticals as its licensee for its adenosine antagonist program, it was reported yesterday.
Because of their small size and lawn habitat, however, they were likely not a species of Camponotus or Formica, 2 genera frequently used for anting by other bird species (Whitaker 1957; Potter 1970), with Formica reported during anting activity by North American Corvus (Weber 1935; Hendricks 1980; Wiles and McAllister 2011).
Once Ravn Alaska was settled on as the brand name for the air group, Era still needed to be renamed, becoming Corvus (the Latin word for raven).
Under the contract, Corvus will provide facilities management support at the Anglesey site office and work with other suppliers, including Wylfa |site manager Hodges of Anglesey-based Grays Waste Management Ltd, who will provide waste management and recycling services.
Milo (Kit Cassia (Emily Years later, the adult Milo (Kit Harington) has to fight for his life against Atticus (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) at the Pompeii games overseen by Corvus.
But an evil senator called Corvus - played by a camp Keifer Sutherland with what may or may not be an English accent - has designs on her.
The common raven Corvus corax is the most widespread member of the Corvidae Family in the world [16].
Its 24 crew abandoned the ship as it sank quickly after colliding with the Cyprus-registered container ship, the Corvus J, sailing from Grangemouth in Scotland to the Belgian port of Antwerp.
The Baltic Ace went down after colliding with the Corvus J, which had sailed out of Grangemouth.
The 485ft Baltic Ace collided with the 440ft container ship Corvus J, heading from Scotland to Belgium, in darkness near busy shipping lanes 40 miles off the coast of the southern Netherlands, the report said.