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(2008) characterised diversity and richness of ECM communities in Quercus crassifolia in a tropical forest in Southern Mexico and documented Russulaceae, Cortinariaceae, Inocybaceae and Thelephoraceae as dominant ECM fungal families.
An assessment of ectomycorrhizal fungal communities in Tasmanian temperate high-altitude Eucalyptus delegatensis forest reveals a dominance of the Cortinariaceae. Mycorrhiza 27: 67-74.
Most of the mycorrhizal species, especially members of Amanitaceae, Boletaceae, Cortinariaceae and Russulaceae, are an integral part of this ecosystem which also contributes to a comparatively stable and balanced species diversity in Kingwood Forest in spite of increasing environmental pressures.
bombycina and Pholiota squrrosa) as well as some of the brown-spored members of Cortinariaceae and the whole spectrum of white-spored Tricolomataceae would be expected to occur in this area of east Texas.
La explicacion de esta proporcion es posible que se encuentre en la influencia tropical presente en estos bosques o en el fuerte impacto antropogenico que existe en la region, o tambien al hecho de que no se tomaron en cuenta muchas especies micorrizogenas, como las de Cortinariaceae y Russulaceae, debido a que no fue posible determinar a especie los ejemplares correspondientes en virtud de la complejidad taxonomica de estas familias.
Toward a monograph of the genus Gymnopilus (Cortinariaceae) in Mexico.
But the number of mycorrhiza is moderate (only 6 species, essentially Cortinariaceae), because of the importance of phosphorous and nitrogen inputs from floodwaters.
Hongos del estado de Jalisco, VIL El genero Gymnopilus (Cortinariaceae).