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Physiotherapy and exercises may help reduce spasms and aid recovery 6 Rarely, pain may be relieved with traction, in which the spine is gently stretched 6 Selective nerve-root block, in which a local anaesthetic, sometimes combined with a corticosteroid drug, is injected around the compressed nerve to decrease swelling 6 Occasionally surgery is needed to decompress the nerve
Treatment consists of losing weight, keeping affected areas as clean and dry as possible, and if dermatitis or candidiasis is present, applying a cream containing a corticosteroid drug or antifungal drug.
A corticosteroid drug, also inhaled but on a more regular basis, helps to prevent wheezing.
Analyzes the market for corticosteroid drugs delivered via oral inhalers
Contract award: acquisition corticosteroid drugs for systemic use, glucose solutions and perfusion solutions.
Washington, July 17 ( ANI ): A new study has revealed that inhalers that are used to give corticosteroid drugs to children with asthma may suppress their growth in the first year of treatment.
If an individual experiences a great deal of stress, or has taken corticosteroid drugs like prednisone for a long period of time, the adrenal glands will shrink and not perform properly, contributing to symptoms like anxiety, depression, or chronic fatigue.
The benefits of giving corticosteroid drugs before birth to prevent lung disease in pre-term babies was established during the 1990s, with several studies concluding that these were most effective when given within a week of delivery.
About 10% of the asthmatic population has a severe form of the disease that can require progressively higher doses of corticosteroid drugs to manage the symptoms.
Some corticosteroid drugs delivered by HFA propellants can produce finer aerosol particles, resulting in increased deposition of drug in the lung and less to the oropharyngeal area.
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