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an island in the Mediterranean

a region of France on the island of Corsica

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Supply and delivery of clothing for the agents of the corsican railways.
Last December, Corsican nationalists took control of the island's regional assembly, and of those Corsicans who cast ballots in the French parliament elections early last summer - the same elections that solidified Macron's En Marche
France is playing with fire by rejecting Corsican demands for autonomy, the island's chief told Reuters, urging President Emmanuel Macron to be open to dialogue when he visits next week.
The Corsican Wine Board hosted some American journalists and sommeliers a few months ago for a tour of the area and introduction to its wines.
Mark Warner's Corsican base has all the usual activities, from tennis and cycling to sailing and SUPing - that's stand-up paddle surfing.
Corsican do attitude June is a perfect time to visit unspoilt French island Corsica with temperatures in the low 20s.
amp;nbsp;The brawl, which occurred Saturday at Sisco Beach, was between a family of North African descent and local Corsican youths, according to the (http://www.
A mouflon is a Corsican wild species of what domesticated creature?
30pm MARSEILLE have continually underwhelmed this season but they look a decent price to register a victory against struggling Corsican club GFC Ajaccio, writes Joe Champion.
Cazeneuve praised the contribution of the Muslim community to French history and he said Muslims were no less Corsican than other residents on the island and they had made their contribution to liberating the Corsican during World War II when Moroccan units landed there to help expel the German occupation forces.
Boswell was so enraptured by his Corsican adventure that he not only wrote a book about it, but appeared at the Stratford-upon-Avon Jubilee dressed as a Corsican rebel: kerchief tied around his neck, pistol strapped to his waist and musket slung over his shoulder.
THE CORSICAN earned another crack at the big boys when bouncing back to winning form at Newbury.
The Corsican side have done brilliantly to reach the last two and a titanic clash against Paris St Germain.
This is the company's 12th French destination, along with connections to Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Nice, Marseille, Lourdes, Toulouse and the Corsican routes of Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi and Figari.
In this article I explore how the depiction in Colomba of Corsica as an anachronistic, primitive, and undisciplined society relied significantly on Merimee's evocation of one of Corsica's oldest musico-poetic practices--the improvisation of laments for the dead performed by female singers in Corsican villages.