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a piece of body armor for the trunk

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She worked many years in retail as a clerk at Zayre's, the Mart and the Corsette Shop.
Many items, like the Vibrating Velvet Corsette Harness ($51), Grrl Shorts Strap-on Harness ($36) and the hands-down most fun toy, the Waterproof Jack Rabbit ($49), are sold here for less than other stores.
The corsette bodice with a crescent neckline and plunging back featured spaghetti straps encrusted with crystals and bugle beads.
They are: publisher John Szefc, advertising director Dan Stewart, production director Christine Taylor, retail ad manager Christine Zovistoski, and sales manager Christine Corsette.
ANSWERS: 1 Maxwells Corner; 2 3,000ft; 3 Cat Nab; 4 A Cheshire Home; 5 Hartlepool; 6 Stays or Corsettes; 7 Freeborough Hill; 8 California; 9 Junction Road and Station Road; 10 Sir William and Lady Adeline Fawcett.