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Synonyms for corsair

Synonyms for corsair

a pirate along the Barbary Coast

a swift pirate ship (often operating with official sanction)

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This is a detailed, synthetic account of the Barbary corsairs who rose from a minor Mediterranean nuisance to become a major maritime menace.
Jamieson at times seems to hedge his analysis on the side of the holy war" analysts, for example, stating that the Barbary corsairs were different from most European privateers in that they engaged in war which was 'eternal'" and that the religious justification .
THE stylish Ford Corsair caused quite a stir with the British motoring public when it was introduced in 1963A snip at just on pounds 700 on the road, it was then the bee's knees in automotive styling, with its pointy nose, shallow full-width chrome radiator grille and long boot.
Yet 42 years on, it was still getting plenty of the same admiring glances of old when I was entrusted by the Ford Heritage Collection to take their Corsair for a trip around the back roads of Fife.
MAG-12 consisted of VMA-121 flying ADs, VMAs 223 and 323 with F4U and AU Corsairs, and VMF-3 12 flying F4Us.
During the 120 days that I was assigned to VMA-323, the squadron averaged 20 to 22 F4U-4B and AU-1 Corsairs and 20 to 22 pilots.
The Raiders' defense dominated, holding Corsairs quarterback Dylen Smith to 32 yards on 3 of 8 passing in the first half.
The Raiders apparently forgot the Corsairs are known for late-game heroics.
based Corsair Microsystems has selected Dense-Pac's three-dimensional stacking technology for use in Corsairs new PC100 (100MHz) 256MB memory module.
Corsair designs, manufactures and markets memory modules for the high-end workstation, server and PC marketplace.
The first Marine strikes of the war launches on 3 august, with VMF-214 sending eight F4U Corsairs flying close air support (CAS) for U.
During this deployment CVG-19 comprised Attack Squadron (VA) 195 AD-4 Skyraiders, Composite Squadron (VC) 3 Det F F4U-5N Corsairs, VC-11 Det 7 AD-4Ws, VC-35 Det 3 AD-4Ns, VC-61 Det C F9F-2P Panthers, Fighter Squadron (VF) 191 F9F-2Bs and VF-192 and 193 F4U-4s.
On 4 September Valley Forge's combat air patrol (CAP), comprising four F4U-4B Corsairs from VF-53, was stationed 20 miles from the carrier at 10,000 feet under the control of Fletcher (DDE 445).
com)-- Texas Trust Credit Union has donated a truck to the Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation that the group will use to transport a restored half-scale F4U Corsair, a plane that it exhibits for educational purposes.
Dense-Pac believes that the Corsair relationship could produce up to $2 million in new business within the next 18 months.