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a state of deterioration in metals caused by oxidation or chemical action

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So, the addition of carbamide decreased soil redox potential and made the soil pH higher than 7, which theoretically decreases the soil corrosivity and then inhibits corrosion behavior of carbon steel.
Biodiesel Corrosivity. The corrosivity of the biodiesel was evaluated by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) on 304 stainless steel (SS).
Veleva, "Corrosivity category maps of a humid tropical atmosphere: the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico," Materials and Corrosion, vol.
High salt, low pH and low alkalinity contribute to how corrosive groundwater can be, though there is no "harmful" combination of those numbers--any level could only potentially lead to corrosivity.
As shown in Table 1, applicable categories include the federal characteristics of ignitability (i.e., flash point), corrosivity (i.e., pH), and toxicity (i.e., the toxicity characteristic leaching procedure concentrations of PERC and TCE), and the state-only criteria for toxicity (i.e., fish bioassay) and persistence (i.e., halogenated organic compound [HOC] concentration).
A common in vitro assay to assess corrosivity is termed Corrositex.
Dow's NORKOOL Desitherm HS combines outstanding water removal performance with other key attributes such as pH stability, low corrosivity and high thermal stability, and is the result of ground-up innovative work combining engineering and chemistry knowledge to provide a unique, fully formulated gas dehydration offering for gas operators.
Since corrosion rate at both locations were gauged in the range of 65greater than rcorr = 150 in terms of m.year-1 so this study ranked the corrosivity of these two test locations as C5 i.e.
"ZeroZinc meets the standards for corrosion protection of steel structures by paint systems according to ISO 12944-6 and also fulfills ISO 12944-6 requirements for corrosivity category C5-I," said Bill Sante, director of marketing and business development for Axalta's powder business.
According to the ISO classification system (ISO 9223 1992), five "corrosivity classes" (C1-C5) are defined and corrosivity charts are provided, reporting guiding values of TOW, sulphur dioxide concentration and the chloride deposition rate.
We help to manage chemical programs by monitoring corrosion rates through the installation and monitoring of corrosion coupons and probes, testing fluids to determine their corrosivity, and optimizing chemical selection and use."
Without information regarding the potential risks of intermediates (which can be highly complex molecules)--including toxicity, flammability, explosivity, corrosivity, chemical reactivity, thermal stability, etc., it can be hazardous to scale-up from laboratory to manufacturing scale.
(81) They have asserted that diluted bitumen (Dilbit) poses particular concerns of volatility and corrosivity that may pose additional risks to the pipeline's integrity.