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a course offered (by mail) by a correspondence school

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* revise the state authorization requirements for institutions offering distance education or correspondence courses.
3 ( ANI ): The Supreme Court on Friday ruled that technical education cannot be provided through the process of correspondence courses.
Miim has devised the correspondence course for students, keeping in view the willingness of their parents.
People who intend to pursue graduate or post-graduate courses through distance learning (correspondence courses) from Indian or any other universities must be cautious, as many courses are not validated by Bahrain's Education Ministry.
It offers a range of flexible study options including online courses, correspondence courses and a range of distance learning options that "fit in with the busiest of lifestyles".
In the early years, this meant correspondence courses delivered by the Postal Service.
* Pay for on-the-job training, some flight training, apprenticeship training and correspondence courses.
Appended are: (1) Correspondence Courses; (2) Sample Website for an Internet Search Engine; (3)Sample Resume; (4) Weekly Schedule; (5) Financial Aid Ban for People with Drug Convictions; (6) FAFSA Checklist; and (7) State Adult Education Program Offices.
The governor said her daughter is enrolled in regular high school and has taken correspondence courses.
He was bounced among so many schools as a child that McCain claims to have been educated mainly in his "mother's mobile classroom." Obama attended Indonesian Catholic and public schools, took correspondence courses under his mother's watch, and graduated from an elite Hawaiian independent school.
At Coastline, where we are known as one of the pioneers of distance learning, we led the change in delivery modes from correspondence courses and telecourses, to the online, PDA, and cell phone modes of course delivery that are popular today.
6, which defined the operations of all University Extension departments, stated that students who completed University correspondence courses could receive academic credit only if they travelled to Chicago to take both university entrance examinations and the final examinations for each course (University of Chicago 1892a).
Judge Advocates who fail to complete Phase I correspondence courses and writing exercises by 1 November 2008 will not be cleared to attend the 2009 JAOAC.
Helmut said newsletter sales have increased markedly, while correspondence courses, e-mail services, and event are also gaining popularity in the company's product mix.
In some cases, "Distance Learning" indicates courses usually described as "Correspondence Courses" or classes that require one or two on-campus meetings during the term.
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