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Synonyms for correlative

something closely resembling or analogous to something else

Synonyms for correlative

either of two or more related or complementary variables

mutually related

expressing a reciprocal or complementary relation

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However, the difference between IA-constructions and correlatives in Ingrian Finnish goes far beyond the word order.
Ingrian Finnish correlatives cannot be appositive (15b).
However, in the corresponding correlatives, only the inanimate relative pronoun mika 'what' can be used:
In correlatives, such mismatches are ungrammatical (22b).
IA-constructions (23a), but not correlatives (23b) are compatible with quantifiers in the head.
With contributors primarily from North America, the book is sectioned into three parts: the Middle American Terranes, including Oaxaquia, Mixteca, Sierra Madre, Chuacus, and Chortis Terrane and the North American Craton; followed by potential correlatives, and orogenic processes.
For example, if "X has a claim-right against Y that Y [empty set]s," the jural correlative is that "Y has a duty toward X to [empty set]" and the jural opposite is that "X has a no-right against Y.
16) Having made this move, NJR then weakens this condition to that of a necessary condition only, on the grounds that not all duties are correlative to a claim-right.
A duty that is correlative to a claim-right functions as a "moral sanction" or "side constraint'" on the actions of others.
There is no suggestion of any correlative duties to these rights, and the only duties mentioned are those that men owe to the state and which provide a reason why all men may rightly claim the suffrage.
An alternative way of theorizing Hohfeldian claim-rights for Aristotle's Politics would be to say, for example, that worthy individuals have claim-rights against the rulers (or the polis or some function within it) that their worth should be publicly acknowledged, so that the correlative duty on those rulers (or some function within the polis) is to recognize individual worth in distributing the offices.
To begin with rights and suppose that obligations emerge as mere correlatives of these is to rule out this possibility from the beginning, The book provides logically independent distinctions between perfect and imperfect obligations (those that do and those that do not give rise to correlative rights) and between universal and special obligations (those had by all persons and those arising from special relations).
Writers aren't meant to admit such things, but I often feel, looking at his work, that I have no idea what he's doing - or, rather, that whatever meanings I might find in or bring to the work have correlatives in extraordinary and incalculable systems of Barney's own.
In the Matisse work flatness is all, a flatness against which he plays the most outrageous counterpoint of shapes, colors, and patterns without ever sacrificing easy recognition of the objective correlatives of pictorial inventiveness.
The difference lies in the surfaces, which are elegantly thin compared to the scraped and battered canvases that used to serve as the visual correlatives of the scenes depicted on them.