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Italian painter noted for his use of chiaroscuro and perspective (1494-1534)

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The death of her husband Giberto da Correggio in 1519 shifted her social and political position from consort to that of dowager regent of Correggio, prompting Gambara to reorient her later verse toward a direct engagement with public matters, thus establishing herself as one of the first women to participate in political discourse through poetry.
During their first encounter, Andrea talks to Elena about the Correggio painting: 'Voi, se non erro [.
The 3,434-square-foot Correggio model is a three-bedroom, two-bath home with an open plan that combines a great room, nook, kitchen and dining room into a large space that's ideal for entertaining.
Micky Hammond's string is in good form and everything is in place for Correggio in the Happy Birthday Graham Roberts Handicap.
Se acusa que el astigmatismo hizo que el maestro deformara la realidad, sin embargo, el Tintoretto, Correggio o Giorgione, por citar solo a algunos, tambien lo hicieron.
Although Rizal left no documentary evidence of the above, he had casually mentioned in a letter that he had been visited the museum and enumerated some European masters, among them Correggio.
recently to set-up a Design Centre at Correggio (RE), Italy.
For dinner, try some herb and ricotta tortelli at Osteria dello Zingaro on Borgo del Correggio for PS7.
Barocci's highly individual use of colour (occasionally reminiscent of Correggio in the early works) has an emotional as well as visual effect.
254--"Anch'io sono pittore" (I'm also a painter): Antonio Correggio (1489-1534), on seeing a work by Raphael
the soap-maker oF CorreGGIo LEONARDA Cianciulli suffered many unhappy moments in her childhood but she never forgot the ominous words of a gypsy fortuneteller who read her palm when she was still a teenager: "You will marry and have children, but all your children will die.
The self-taught artist uses DIY shop emulsion to create his murals, which include a copy of Rafael's Sistine Madonna, frescoes by artists such as Correggio and a portrait of Jesus inspired by a picture of Russell Brand.
Rubens travelled to Italy in 1600, visited collections, met with people who had known some the giants of the 16th-century personally, and made copies of the work of Titan, Mantegna, Correggio, and Parmigianino, among others.
We might expect Delacroix to show sustained interest in the vision and work of other plastic artists and Michelangelo, Raphael, Correggio, Titian, Veronese, Rubens, Rembrandt, J.
Not hard to find were innovative frozen products, ranging from an extensive assortment of Laboratorio Tortellini restaurant-quality pasta from Emilia Romagna-based Surgital, and potato gnocchi from Italgnocchi Specialita of Correggio, to Pizza Vissana baked by Svila Srl of Visso, a small village on the slopes of the Sibillini Mountains.