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26) Squamoid corpuscles with intracellular accumulation of biotin, which make the characteristic nuclear clearing, is specific for pancreatoblastoma.
While the ordinary neurofibroma would suggest the presence of mature Pacinian corpuscle, but there is no typical characteristic of Pacinian neurofibroma.
The coalescence of nodules on the external surface is somewhat similar to the coalescence of Mandl's corpuscles on the visceral surface of tubercles, both forming a mineralization front described for many taxa (e.
This article argues that Descartes explains physiology in terms of whole systems, and not in terms of the size, shape, and motion of tiny corpuscles (corpuscular mechanics).
strains, both classified as weak (+), were lower than the other samples as fewer corpuscles were observed as well as lower fluorescence intensity.
6: Histopathological examination of surgical specimen (H & E stain, x 20x magnification shows presence of normal thymic tissue with adipose tissue and presence of hassal corpuscles suggestive of thymolipoma Post-operative course was uneventful.
Does not the composition of human blood of plasma and various types of corpuscles with such a fixed proportion that the slightest change in it disturbs the whole biological system, clearly show that the maker of the blood knew the chemical composition and properties of all the ingredients of blood fully well?
Venom from Naja naja and Naja naja karachiensis were found to destabilize human red blood corpuscles membrane (HRBC) however the effect of later was found somewhat severe.
The urinary organs of females consist of a pair of asymmetric kidneys (right and left) constituted by medullar and cortical region with renal corpuscles and proximal and distal convoluted tubules beyond collector tubules.
By contrast, the immature eggs sold by the sturgeon slaughterers are covered with blood corpuscles and follicle cells.
The kidney of acaris is constituted by kidney corpuscles formed by glomerulus and capillaries, which is covered by the Bowman's capsule formed by a double cell layer, the parietal and visceral epithelium.
During the review microscopy we conducted the morphological analysis of structural tissular components of kidneys, after this analysis we studied the morphometrical parameters: number of corpuscles per field, pcs.
The puff-like corpuscles seem to be characteristic components of the coleopteran flagellum, and it is likely that these corpuscles help to maintain the equilibrium of the flagellar structure during motility (Name et al.
The irritability that some people experience when the scab is present could be attributed to the increased tension developed in the dermal region, resulting in heightened sensory stimulation of the variety of sensory receptors which reside in the region, including Meisner's corpuscles (fine and discriminative touch), Paccinian corpuscles (coarse touch and pressure), Ruffini endings (subcutaneous stretch) and others.