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severing the corpus callosum so that communication between the cerebral hemispheres is interrupted (in cases of severe intractable epilepsy)


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Spike-monitoring of anaesthesia for corpus callosotomy using bilateral bispectral index.
Evaluation of efficacy and safety of anterior corpus callosotomy with keyhole in refractory seizures.
In the previous case, a child underwent a focal resection before undergoing a corpus callosotomy. In this case, of a 19-year-old with autism and severe developmental delays, the procedures were reversed.
On the other hand, she notes, "If the corpus callosotomy didn't work, I couldn't say 'I'm sorry, let's put it back the way it was.' With VNS, if it didn't work, it could be taken out or turned off."
She may now be facing surgery, either implantation of a vagus nerve stimulator or a corpus callosotomy. J.B.
She is now facing two possible surgeries to help control the seizures: implantation of a vagal nerve stimulator (a device which electronically stimulates the vagus nerve in the neck), and/or a corpus callosotomy (a surgical procedure to separate the two hemispheres of the brain).
Two years ago, she had a corpus callosotomy and we have been so happy with the results!
Corpus callosotomy: The corpus callosum is a bridge of nerves which connects the two sides of the brain and integrates function.
If that does not work, then she will need to have a corpus callosotomy which is a surgical procedure to separate the two hemispheres of her brain.
When Jessica was 14, we considered a corpus callosotomy -- a surgical procedure that cuts the tissue connecting the two hemispheres of the brain.