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a promotion intended to create goodwill for a person or institution

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Carr's remarks focus on the role of corporate reputation management in protecting and building enterprise value at a time of fast-moving, global, 24-hour digital communication.
24 ( ANI ): Business in the 21st century is undergoing a sea change, with commercial entities and their leaderships increasingly moving away from dicey and non-measurable marketing and public relation strategies to corporate reputation management.
"The 2013 edition of the GCC forum will be held under the theme: Corporate Reputation Management", Bahrain Public Relations Society Chairman Dr.
Based in Bahrain, his role will be to extend strategic communications sup- port to the regional clients with a par-ticular focus on corporate reputation management, executive profiling, inves- tor relations, issue man- agement, public affairs and media relations.
A highly interactive session, it initiated many questions from seasoned communication professional about wanting deeper understanding of insights and its contribution to corporate reputation management.
Based on Ogilvy PR's integrated approach to corporate reputation management, social media and technology PR, and their informed approach to analyst relations, I can't think of a better agency to support our global business," said Kasey Holman, associate vice president of global communications.
"Her unwillingness to engage is very damaging to Kraft's reputation and is not a well-conceived corporate reputation management strategy, but it is unlikely to do damage to the Cadbury brand itself," he said.
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