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The application for the database entry in the UK Corporate Portal is addressed to companies, self-employed people, institutions and public authorities.
Alan put together a corporate portal for the company which has enhanced its ways of working.
Kaba, a provider of doors, keys and other security solutions, has selected TIBCO Software's corporate portal and integration infrastructure solutions, for the implementation of a single corporate portal to replace the company's 50 independent websites.
For both standards implementations, Plumtree's support extends to versions 4.5, 4.5WS and 5.0 of the Plumtree Corporate Portal.
In fact, as of late, many business leaders have been shying away from investing in a corporate portal because they have already sunk untold fortunes into other Web technology that has had seemingly zero impact on their business.
Ovid has announced the availability of its new Corporate Portal Services, which enable pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other healthcare organizations to offer company-branded, customized medical information Web sites featuring peer-reviewed content from Ovid.
"We have found that inclusion of this kind of functionality can dramatically increase the usage and overall effectiveness of corporate portal deployments."
The move is part of Plumtree's wider "anti-sprawl" strategy, which targets the portal interfaces of enterprise business application vendors--including the likes of SAP AG and Siebel Systems Inc--to incorporate ERP and CRM-like functionality into a higher-level Plumtree Corporate Portal.
The new offering is based on the Plumtree Corporate Portal 5.0, Plumtree Search, Plumtree Collaboration Server 3.0, Plumtree Content Server 5.0 and the Plumtree Enterprise Web Development Kit.
The software solution is delivered through a proprietary portal which can be implemented at the plant level (Plant Vision) or as a corporate portal (Corporate Vision) to ensure a comprehensive and inclusive corporate compliance operation.
The claims made for portal technology by some of its most high-profile proponents are compelling: computing giant Hewlett-Packard claims that its portal implementation generated $50 million in savings in just six months; car manufacturer Ford says that, over the course of a year, its corporate portal saves each of its 170,000 employees worldwide over 30 hours of wasted time spent searching for information and switching between disparate applications; and global public relations company Ketchum believes its portal has generated around $12 million in additional sales through improved employee productivity.
However, providing access to corporate information is really just part of the value of a real corporate portal. Why?
The business-to-business (B2B) exchange of corporate portal content and services will ideally work directly in conjunction with procurement transaction systems.
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