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a consortium of independent organizations formed to limit competition by controlling the production and distribution of a product or service

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Although MBTs are S corporations for Federal tax purposes, they remain corporate trusts for Massachusetts purposes, and are not subject to the sting tax, but only to the favorable individual rate of 5.3%.
Morris describes with drama and detail Roosevelt's success in resolving the crippling strike of Pennsylvania anthracite miners, an unprecedented intercession of the federal government in labor-management relations, and his drive to curb the power of the railroads and bust corporate trusts. He devotes long sections to Roosevelt's efforts to enact laws providing for what would nowadays be called consumer protection and his leadership of the conservation movement, which created the vast system of national parks and forests we know today.
The trust division manages some $5 billion in corporate trusts.
However, the mix of accounts First Commercial manages was much heavier in corporate trusts, $4.5 billion compared with $960 million for Boatmen's.
Bay Trust Company provides management services for personal and corporate trusts, including estate planning, estate settlement and trust administration.
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