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a bond issued by a corporation

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$6.5 billion in borrowed funds, WesCorp counts $1.5 billion corporate notes issued October and nearly $5 billion on loan from NCUSIF.
Some is going into short-term corporate notes, particularly bank issues, now that banks are perceived to be out of immediate peril.
Petroplus Holdings AG (Petroplus) (SIX:PPHN), an independent energy company, has announced the pricing of USD400m in corporate notes.
Chittenden said in a news release that it will sell mortgage-backed securities, corporate notes and lower-yielding investments to buy securities with shorter durations and higher yields.
Our solution is to purchase the longer corporate notes, but then use an interest rate swap or treasury futures position to adjust the interest rate sensitivity of the portfolio to the target duration.
Denying the Perrys' claim for passthrough losses supported by corporate notes received in exchange for personal notes, the court held that no deduction is allowable when shareholder debt does not arise out of an "investment" in an S corporation.
However, varieties of notes already in the market, such as municipal revenue notes and bonds as well as corporate notes and bonds, share many of the same characteristics as capital notes.
High Yield Note Offerings: These corporate notes, which are typically sold to qualified institutional buyers and, under certain conditions, can be exempt from registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission, are a common source of funds for hotel companies.
agency obligations Corporate notes Corporate notes and bonds Certificates of deposit Zero coupon bonds Commercial paper Preferred's Bankers acceptances Intermediate bond Long-term bond funds Money market funds Mutual funds U.S.
Typical instruments that fall within this classification of "temporary investments" are certificates of deposit, money market certificates, commercial paper (high-yield corporate notes that usually mature in one to nine months) and Treasury bills, which usually mature in 13 to 52 weeks.
The IRF of the SSS as of end-2018 stood at P495.6 billion-with 43 percent invested in government securities, 19 percent in equities, another 19 percent in loans to members, 3 percent in bank deposits, 8 percent in corporate notes and bonds, 7 percent in real estate and 1 percent for the mutual fund.
DoubleDragon Chief Investment Officer Hannah Yulo said that, "despite the rising interest rate environment, DoubleDragon remains generally unaffected as we were prudent early on in making sure all our corporate notes and retail bonds have fixed interest rates for 7 to10 years."
The increases were slightly tapered by the decline in housing loans, corporate notes and bonds due to maturities,' he said.
In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange yesterday, SMC said the move is pursuant to the authority of its board of directors to issue peso-denominated corporate notes of up to P20 billion.
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