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a bond issued by a corporation

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In February last year, the company raised P3 billion by issuing a 10-year corporate notes, proceeds of which were used to refinance existing obligations to extend the maturity of the company's obligations.
Denying the Perrys' claim for passthrough losses supported by corporate notes received in exchange for personal notes, the court held that no deduction is allowable when shareholder debt does not arise out of an "investment" in an S corporation.
Payments on a corporate note may be suspended if the firm enters bankruptcy proceedings.
The court stated,"[t]he mere fact that petitioners at one time were guarantors of a corporate note is not controlling.
Corporate Note 1 is for One-year with 12% interest paid annually and secured with convertible preferred shares of the company.
DoubleDragon Properties Corporation has raised P7.4 billion from the issuance of 7-year Fixed Rate Corporate Notes to help fund the construction of its commercial centers.
Quotes of corporate notes stood a bit higher than Monday close.
This means it will have the capability to tap quick sources of funding like an offering of corporate notes.
The company particularly entered into a corporate notes facility and security agreement with various financial institutions in the amount of P11 billion.
Since going public in 2014, DoubleDragon has raised P15.4 billion from the issuance of corporate notes and P10 billion in equity through the issuance of preferred shares.
VLL is selling 10-year corporate notes at a fixed rate of 6.1879 percent per annum, the company disclosed to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Thursday.
Against the given background the corporate notes went up naturally.
Among the corporate notes the following were the most liquid during the day: FNC-10, AIZK-17, RZD-15, Severstal MB-1.
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