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a hilly county in southwestern England

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She will return to the UK next week to complete the final UK leg of her expedition - cycling and kayaking from Cornwall, England up to Tower Bridge, London, arriving on 3rd November 2015.
The Scarlet Hotel - Mawgan Porth, Cornwall, England
A year later, the World Parrot Trust was founded in Cornwall, England.
flooding in Cumbria, flash floods in Boscastle, Cornwall, England, and the
Although both are long retired, now living in Cornwall, England, their son admits there still remains a close family affinity to the airline that encompassed so much of their lives.
Jump off your boat in the Gulf Stream with a raft and enough beer for a couple of months and you might wash up on the beach in Cornwall, England.
Based in Cornwall, England, ShelterBox began as a project of the Rotary Club of Helson-Lizard.
The researchers set to make a presentation on the reconstruction at a Census of Marine Life conference, which runs from May 26 to 28, say that at about the same time, large pods of blue whales and orcas, blue sharks and thresher sharks darkened the waters off Cornwall, England, herds of harbour porpoise pursued fish upriver, and dolphins regularly played in waters inshore.
TREMERT Elizabeth and Richard TREMERT, Cornwall, England,
Barts, and Cornwall, England, despite the volume's doggedly all-American title--of coolly nostalgic boardwalks, surf, and side streets next to a jaunty double vision of Santa Claus, a gamely nautical self-portrait, and an oddly affecting shot of a dead shark.
She said she was close to Anna when they were younger, spending three months with Anna, her husband and her then one-year-old son at Anna's home in Cornwall, England.
This week ICOm in Cornwall, England, which sounds nice until you realise that driving from London you have to take out a mortgage, if you can find a provider not in receivership, just to fill the fuel tank of your car.
His vision was to transform the former brownfield site into an international attraction called Borealis, modelled after the bio-domes and tropical rain forests of the Eden Project in Cornwall, England.
The Celtic language of Cornish is spoken by about 300 people, mainly in Cornwall, England, Australia, and the United States.
Carmakers are preparing for the "world's first green car show" to be held in Cornwall, England March 30-April 15.
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