Helix aspersa

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serious garden pest having a brown shell with paler zigzag markings

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The impact of diet treatment on reproduction and thermophysiological processes in the land snails Cornu aspersum and Helix pomatia.
Cornu aspersum were collected from local gardens in Monmouth, Oregon, within 24 hours of conducting the experiments.
Cornu aspersum had a mean wave speed to crawling speed ratio of 2.
We found that foot length and crawling speed were significantly correlated when Cornu aspersum were crawling on a horizontal surface, but not when they crawled on a vertical surface (Fig.
1998) and Zotin (2007) in Cornu aspersum (Muller, 1774) (as Helix aspera) and Deroceras reticulatum, respectively.
Individuals of Cornu aspersum, which were used for most experiments, were collected from the leaves of plants (Agapanthus sp.
In addition to carrying out experiments with Cornu aspersum (F.
The gait used by individuals of Cornu aspersum clearly depends on substrate attributes; in our experiments, snails typically moved by adhesive crawling on glass or acrylic, but loped when transferred to concrete or wood.