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United States actress noted for her performances in Broadway plays (1893-1974)

United States businessman who unified the telegraph system in the United States and who in 1865 (with Andrew D


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The two-year, $150,000 grant is part of the "Petco Foundation & Blue Buffalo Cancer Treatment Support Fund," available at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals to owners who otherwise could not afford the cost of cancer treatment.
Sharing a monochrome picture of Cornell with two of their daughters, Vicky wrote, "Forever loved, forever missed."
Cornell Pump is very excited about our partnership with Dorian Drake International, said Marcus Davi, Cornell Pumps Vice President of Sales.
Cornell's wife, Vicky, stepped onstage struggling to speak at first.
Cornell received the majority number of votes cast by circuit court judges to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Associate Judge Margaret A.
We also saw firsthand the power of our industry when we find common ground and advocate for consumers," Cornell said in a statement "As RILVs chairman, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to build upon our shared successes and help drive positive change for our customers, our teams and our industry."
According to ( People , Vicky recently flew to Detroit and met up with the medical examiner who declared Cornell's cause of death as suicide by hanging.
The Bridge is a first-of-its-kind building that will house an extraordinary mix of cutting-edge companies working alongside groundbreaking Cornell Tech academic teams: from recent Cornell Tech graduates striving to commercialize a new idea, to start-ups on the verge of explosive growth, and established companies developing leading-edge technologies and products.
This undeniable bond may or may not have been a factor in 41-year-old Bennington's decision to take his own life on the same day Cornell would have turned 53.
The body of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, who died last week in Detroit, was reportedly cremated on Tuesday in Hollywood, and a funeral is planned for later this week.
SINGER Chris Cornell has died in a suspected suicide hours after he played a gig.
GRUNGE music pioneer Chris Cornell has committed suicide just hours after performing on stage with his band Soundgarden.
THE death of rock star Chris Cornell is being investigated as a possible suicide, Detroit police have said.
4 May 2017 - An affiliate of US-based private investment firm Cornell Capital LLC has closed the acquisition of US-based housewares manufacturer and marketer WKI Holding Co, Inc., the firm said.
Although Rosanna Frank '61, a Food and Nutrition major, and her husband, Marshall Frank, Chem Eng '61, simply began helping plan Cornell reunions to reconnect with friends, over the decades they've broadened their commitment to the University.
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