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the character, natural features, and configuration of land


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the configuration of a surface and the relations among its man-made and natural features

precise detailed study of the surface features of a region

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21 The added advantage in this case is the ability to have one instrument to provide AL along with corneal topography information, both of which are relevant to myopia management with orthokeratology.
It has been reported that considering corneal topography in combination with corneal wavefront aberrations when diagnosing keratoconus may result in higher detection rates.
After an overview of corneal topography and tomography, a map-based approach to diagnosis and evaluation covers axial curvature maps, anterior and posterior elevation maps, and pachymetric maps.
An expanded classification scheme based on corneal topography.
The eighth edition adds chapters on computerized corneal topography, wavefront and custom ablation, ethics, and the prevention of blindness internationally.
McDonald, MD, moderated the news conference, and spoke on the use of the "flying spot" excimer laser in conjunction with corneal topography and wavefront imaging tracking systems to more precisely customize corneas for the correction of nearsightedness.
The developer of a breakthrough approach to astigmatism analysis sees a risk in the recent trend to link refractive lasers to corneal topography machines.
Another study by Sonmez et al20 showed that hyperglycemia causes refractive change in cornea of diabetic patients and was detected by corneal topography.
Corneal topography can be an invaluable asset in deciding which sutures are to be removed where those corresponding to the steepest axes are cut attempting to reduce the levels of postoperative astigmatism.
Tenders are invited for NAME OF ITEM Advanced Corneal Topography QTY.
2,3,4) One of the most recent advances in corneal topography is the introduction of slit-scanning and Scheimpflug imaging systems, which take measurements both from anterior and posterior corneal surfaces.
Before the CXL treatment, all the patients underwent full ophthalmic examination and corneal topography.
Videokeratography was performed with Atlas Model 9000 Corneal Topography System, from Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc (USA).
Other chapters address corneal topography and tomography; the application and validation of the registration approach; optical coherence tomography (OCT) and clinical and research applications, uses in medical or surgical treatment, and uses in the detection and monitoring of cysts; the evolution of fundus perimetry technology; applications of IVCM (in vivo confocal microscopy) in clinical settings and research; the biomechanical modeling of blood vessels; hybrid finite element simulation for bioheat transfer; the effects of electromagnetic fields on specific absorption rate and heat transfer; dry eye characterization by analyzing tear film images; and thermography.