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large harmless snake of southeastern United States

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The wildlife park has welcomed new arrivals such as a vervet monkey, 22 blackbuck antelopes, three Arabian wolves, 12 corn snakes, two Nile crocodiles, five Egyptian fruit bats, six wood ducks, 24 African spurred tortoises and three African white lion cubs.
Corn Snakes are a group of small sized Colubrids found throughout the eastern part of the United States.
Officers were called to Ffordd Elisabeth just before 10am on Thursday after the albino corn snake was spotted in a room.
He's only taken three of the six corn snakes but I think that's because they were hiding.
Wayne Mailer, who runs Dragons Den Exotic Pets in Newcastle, said: "Looking at the picture, this appears to be an Amery Corn Snake.
Eric Weeks and his wife, Eve Weeks, are allergic to "anything with fur and feathers," so when their daughter wanted a pet eight years ago, the family opted for two pythons and a corn snake.
Staff at A and K Motors in Ponteland were in for a real shock when they opened the bonnet of a car they were working on, only to discover the corn snake curled up contentedly underneath.
Snakes, including pythons and corn snakes, are also a popular choice, and the shop regularly sells 10 a week and double that at busy times, like Christmas.
As well as the African rock python, thieves took two boa constrictors, two albino boas, two royal pythons and two corn snakes.
A BATCH of corn snakes have been dumped in a rescue centre after their owner decided they were "not what he expected" and said his children were scared of them.
The pair of female corn snakes, worth around pounds 100 each, were removed from glass cages at Bettapets shop in Lombard Street, Lichfield, between 3pm on Thursday and 9am on Friday.
Now fire skinks, crested geckos or corn snakes are de rigeur.
Two Carolina baby corn snakes which are about 10ins long, with brown and white skin.
Corn snakes are non-poisonous and make good pets because they are friendly towards humans.
Her father, Don Buth, raised corn snakes when she was little.