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Fast-growing native species (rotation periods of less than 20 y), such as Cordia alliodora, Terminalia amazonia, Terminalia oblonga, Vochysia guatemalensis, Bombacopsis quinata, Alnus acuminata, and Swietenia macrophylla, have also been used for timber production (Serrano and Moya 2011).
Frances McMeeking, head of care services at Cordia, has seen an increasing demand for care at home services.
Despite all these known uses of the plant; Cordia sebestena's phytochemical and pharmacological surveys have not been scientifically reported.
operating subsidiaries, Cordia Communications Corp.
Leaf extracts of some Cordia species analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities as well as their chromatographic analysis.
Cordia wallichii and Celastrus paniculata were collected from Hassan, Mysore district, Karnataka.
He describes earlier pioneers in the field (from hearing aid developer Harvey Fletcher to Cordia C.
Louro preto is a name that has also been chosen by several different genera, among them Cordia, Nectandra and Ocotea.
Complete Healthcare Resources--Senior Living Services Cordia Senior Living Corporate Fitness Works CRSA Management, LLC Deffet Group Inc.
Judith Cordia, EdD, RN, is the new director of Allied Health Programs at Western Nevada Community College, Carson City.
Ahrends offers three choices: traditional Cocobolo, and the more exotic Cordia and Moradillo.
Cordia Corporation (OTCBB: CORG), a global communications service provider and distributor of landline and Voice over Internet Protocol ("VOIP") technologies, products and services, announced that it has entered into an a binding letter of intent for the sale of its CLEC assets, which include the assets of Cordia Communications, Corp.
Contract Notice: Cordia has a very diverse portfolio of work, including the provision of catering, cleaning, facilities management and homecare services for the Council and other organisations.