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a small rounded boat made of hides stretched over a wicker frame

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The communities of Shropshire's coracle makers, especially the well-known Rogers family, are the focus of the Ironbridge Coracle Trust.
Among these huge ships the tiny coracles plied their trade - with the families living in poverty outside the town's boundary wall.
The weekend culminates in a coracle regatta on the castle ponds on Sunday afternoon.
WEB video boarders on MMaarriinnaa " Also on offer are coracles, with visitors challenged to have a go at breaking the world record for paddling a bath tub and earn themselves a place in the Guinness Book of Records
Coracles, boats originally made of bamboo and hide, are used by local fisherman.
Still used on three Welsh rivers by fishermen, records indicate that coracles were employed on Yorkshire waterways as late as the 18th century.
Instead he excelled on the fast-running waters of the River Teifi, winning a 150-metre coracle race laid on by the producers, Fflic TV, as a scary and demanding ice-breaker for the celebrities taking part in the intensive week-long language course.
The event will also feature a roadshow on the use of coracles. Anne Cohen, of the Exhibition and Brandling Park Community Trust, said: "This is our way of welcoming the Tall Ships to the city.
Visitors to the watermill will also be able to watch flour being ground and coracles used on the millpond.
Long ago, Celtic Christians caught the imagination of the world as they sailed across oceans in coracles (small rowing boats made of skins), blown wherever God's winds took them.
At the Green Woods Centre there will be an exhibition of coracles in Ironbridge and displaying some of the original items that were found in the original old coracle shed.
The Rogers family made coracles for generations and lived in Ironbridge through the worst years of poverty and decline.
Dave Purvis will be making coracles in Guisborough Forest