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the liturgical language of the Coptic Church used in Egypt and Ethiopia

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Rather, it's about a reality which world leaders cannot continue to ignore: The ongoing persecution of Coptic Christians.
This could be the very reason as to why many public figures are not raising awareness regarding the situation of Coptic Christians.
The Coptic Church is among the oldest and most ancient churches of Christianity.
The Coptic Pope is not regarded as an infallible human being.
When St Mark arrived on a missionary journey to Egypt, His message was welcomed by the Pharaohs and the Coptic People.
During the last 40-50 years, the Coptic Church has expanded outside Egypt, and now has over a million members outside Egypt.
Coptic Christians also have Churches in Australia, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Libya, Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq, Ireland, Jerusalem as well as Black Africa.
The Coptic Church is one of the Oriental Orthodox Churches, part of the fourth largest communion of Christian churches.
It is safe to say that Coptic Christians are currently the most persecuted Christians in the world, and the most persecuted minority in Muslim majority nations.
Afterwards, dozens had looted and torched at least seven homes belonging to Coptic families in the village of El-Karam, according to the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Hiltz said members of the church "share in the suffering of our Coptic brothers and sisters." He assured the bishop of the church's prayers for the victims and their families.
15, ISIS released a gory video purporting to show the beheadings of kidnapped Coptic Christians who had worked as labourers in Libya.
22, at the Canadian Coptic Centre in Mississauga, Ont.
Mark and leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, assuring him of his and his diocese's prayers for the Coptic Church.