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an Egyptian descended from the ancient Egyptians

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a member of the Coptic Church

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As of the same date and including six buildings owned through an unconsolidated joint venture, COPT's core portfolio of 163 office and data center shell properties encompassed 18.2m square feet and was 93.7% leased; the company also owned one wholesale data center with a critical load of 19.25mw.
COPT upgraded landscaping by lowering a berm to improve sight lines, adding more open space to the public plaza in front of the building at the corner of Howard and Pratt streets.
Copts are fiercely proud of their Egyptian heritage that dates back to the age of the pyramids as early as 3000 B.C.
CoPt nanoparticles with the [L1.sub.0]-type ordered structure were formed as epitaxial islands on the NaCl(001) substrate.
"The Copts are Egyptians and respect Islam and the Prophet Mohamed.
Now Copt Heath's magnificent acres are to host the Birmingham Mail Champion of Champions Tournament.
An open day event will take place this coming Sunday in the field opposite the Copt Hill pub on the B1404 Houghton-Seaham Road when between 11am and 2pm people will be able to view the dig and talk to archaeologists.
Fifteen-year-old Oliver Fisher, of West Essex, comes to Copt Heath on the back of a fortnight's coaching by Nick Faldo in California.
Including six buildings owned through an unconsolidated joint venture, COPT's core portfolio of 161 office and data centre shell properties encompassed 17.9 million sq ft and was 94.0% leased.
But on social media, other Copts expressed fear and anger about the loss of loved ones in previous years.
Budorick, president and CEO of Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT), will chair its 2018 fundraising campaign.
LOUGHBOROUGH and District Group of the Ramblers: Saturday, May 19: Charnwood Forest from Copt Oak, Best of Charnwood Forest views from Beacon, Nanpantan & Lubcloud.
This worries me a lot," says Riyadh Said, a 31-year-old Copt who works in a bank.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-June 21, 2012--Wells Fargo, Merrill Lynch handle COPT preferred stock offer(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS