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a polymer consisting of two or more different monomers

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Nanostructure fabrication from block copolymers is possible mainly due to the fascinating self-assembling properties of the polymers.
Copolymers of PVDC containing small amounts of monomers, such as vinyl chloride, methyl methacrylate and acrylonitrile, offer improved processability because of their reduced melting points.
Montaudo, Mass spectra of copolymers, Mass Spectrom.
However, chemists can bond them together to produce what is known as a block copolymer.
The technology is based on a novel inorganic/organic block copolymer that forms ordered polymeric nanostructures via self-assembly.
The properties of the copolymers were studied and compared with those of surfactant-free Py/NptPy copolymer.
Toughened polypropylene (PP) materials require controlled amounts of ethylene in the PP copolymer impact modifier for optimum toughness.
Firstly we synthesized N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone-acrylic acid copolymers [P(VP-co-AA)] both with traditional heating polymer synthesis (THPS) and microwave-assisted polymer synthesis (MAPS) method comparatively in this study.
Traditional metallocene elastomers, such as Dow's Engage, are random copolymers of ethylene and an alpha olefin.
The copolymer, representing 1-20% by weight, is selected from the group consisting of copolymers of propylene with 45-60% by weight of one or more CH2_CHR alkenes, where R is an alkyl group containing 2 to 6 carbon atoms or copolymers of propylene with 45-60% by weight of the one or more CH2_CHR alkenes and with 0-6% by weight ethylene; copolymers of 20 to 80% by weight ethylene with one or more CH2_CHR_ alkenes, where R_ is an alkyl group containing from 1 to 6 carbon atoms, the copolymers of ethylene containing from 0-30% of fraction insoluble in xylene at 25[degrees]C, or copolymers of 20-80% by weight ethylene with one or more of the CH2_CHR_ alkenes and from 1-10% by weight of a diene.
Copolymers are a class of polymer materials that have large potential for commercial applications.
com/reports/c43569) has announced the addition of Block Copolymers in Nanoscience to their offering.
Moreover, the flexible structure of C--O--C bond in PEA molecular chain endowed the copolymers with excellent toughness.
The electrospinning technique can be considered an easy and versatile technique since a wide range of polymers, such as polyoxymethylene (POM) [12], poly(lactic acid) (PLA) [13, 14], poly([epsilon]-caprolactone) (PCL) [15], polyethylene oxide (PEO) [16], polyglycolic acid (PGA) [17], polyvinylalcohol (PVA) [18], and different block copolymers [19-21] can be used to fabricate electrospun fibers.
The other layers may contain ethylene alpha olefin copolymers, propylene alpha olefin copolymers, propylene ethylene copolymers, styrene polymers or ionomers.