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7% de los peces, y c) un artropodo de la Clase Maxillopoda, Subclase Copepoda en el 20% de los peces.
RESULTS--A total of 32 species of Copepoda was recorded from samples obtained during this survey and 6 more were included from previous surveys.
En ejemplares de hasta 2 anos de vida, Copepoda fue un componente importante de la dieta pero en ningun momento los componentes del zooplancton representaron un alimento primario a diferencia de una amplia variedad de poblaciones evaluadas (Burbidge et al.
Most taxa were identified to the species level: Oligochaeta and some smaller groups, by Tarmo Timm; Chironomidae, by Margit Kumari; Cladocera and Copepoda, by Kaidi Kubar; Ostracoda, by Kadri Sohar; and Nematoda, by Walter Traunspurger.
Longitudial distribution of Copepoda populations in the transition zone of Paranapanema river and Jurumirim Reservoir (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and interchange with two later lakes.
griseus, Lernanthropus rathbuni, Wilson 1922 y Caligus bonito, Wilson 1905, de la clase Copepoda, y Argulus sp.
Species Habitat Copepoda Acanthocyclops vernalis lentic (littoral) Cyclops exilis small streams Diacyclops bicuspidatus thomasi lentic (limnetic) Diaptomus pallidus lentic (limnetic) Diaptomus siciloides lentic (limnetic) Eucyclops speratus lentic (littoral) Macrocyclops albidus lentic (littoral, benthic) Mesocyclops edax lentic (limnetic Harpacticoid species lentic (limnetic, littoral, benthic) Cladocera Bosmina longirostris lentic (limnetic) Ceriodaphnia lacustris lentic (limnetic) Chydorus sphaericus lentic (limnetic) Daphnia ambigua lentic (linmetic) Daphnia laevis lentic (temporary ponds) Daphnia parvula lentic (limnetic) Diaphanasoma leuchtenbergianum lentic (limnetic) Lydigia quadrangularis lentic (littoral) Simocephalus expinosus lentic (littoral, benthic)
Some Copepoda genera mentioned were also observed in the studied tropical sandy beach.
Scarcity of knowledge on the distribution of freshwater Cladocera and Copepoda is obvious due to small number of faunistic investigations.
Guides to the identification of the microinvertebrates of the continental waters of the World: Introduction to the Copepoda.
Longitudinal distribution of Copepoda populations in the transition zone of Paranapanema river and Jurumirim reservoir (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and interchange with two lateral lakes.