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I kept quiet 'til the last coot was retrieved to hand and walked to the edge of the canal to congratulate Stone.
Coots were the focus of attention again when a more sedate shot of a mother and chick, taken at WWT Washington Wetland Centre by Max Eve, who lives near Bardon Mill in Northumberland, won the Young Person's section.
Hood knew Coots well, and attended his standing-room only funeral service last week.
In a recent op-ed piece published in The Wall Street Journal, Pastor Coots commented: "In many ways, serpent-handling churches are no different from other religious communities.
Coots said he paid $800 for the snakes, which are now being held at a zoo.
Halliburton's legacy of innovation coupled with its integrated service capability complement Boots & Coots' focus on delivering a complete portfolio of pressure control and well intervention services," said Jerry Winchester, Boots & Coots president and CEO.
Field studies by Lyon and Shizuka, who spied on coots near Williams Lake in British Columbia, show that parasitic chicks are less likely to survive than native chicks.
Why would coots lay their eggs in a potentially unsuitable host's nest?
What was completely unexpected was the discovery that coots appeared to count their eggs.
The warring coots charge at each other by pattering over the water's surface with their wings and necks stretched out.
Officials also observed aberrant neurologic signs in the wintering population of American coots (Fulica americana) at the lake.
SANTA BARBARA - Despite allegations the killings are inhumane, the federal Fish and Wildlife Service says eradication of migratory coots at the La Cumbre Golf and Country Club is legal.
HOUSTON -- Halliburton (NYSE:HAL) closed the acquisition of Boots & Coots, Inc.
When the ambulance arrived, they were told that Jamie Coots had gone home.
I bought a big old fake blue heron, a dozen plastic coots, three composite cormorants and a few real-looking crows.