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university founded in 1859 by Peter Cooper to offer free courses in the arts and sciences

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Lincer, chairman of The Cooper Union Board of Trustees.
So when Lincoln arrived at Cooper Union, he was loaded for bear.
Instead, college is worth it because, as those Cooper Union kids show us, those who are willing to test their intellects and assumptions against the best ideas of the past can become better people who can build a better society.
Following is the full statement by President Mahmoud Abbas addressing students of Cooper Union:
On May 8th, a group of students stormed the office of Cooper Union's president, Jamshed Bharucha.
In this framework, education has its own value--and this is what makes Cooper Union radical and worth saving, perhaps even worth imitating: It is operating on a fundamentally different idea of what education is, and what it can be.
The night before, Pallasmaa had delivered his lecture in the original 1858 Cooper Union Foundation Building, across the road from Mayne's academic building.
In 1909 she delivered a rousing speech in Yiddish at Cooper Union that helped solidify support for what came to be known as the Uprising of 20,000, a strike of mostly young female Jewish and Italian workers for better pay and working conditions.
He attended the Parsons School of Design and Cooper Union. His works have been widely exhibited, including at Fine Art Society (London, UK), Palazzo Delle Papesse, Centro Arte Contemporanea (Siena, Italy), Royal Hibernian Academy (Dublin, Ireland), Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, The New York Historical Society, Zacheta National Gallery of Art (Warsaw, Poland), The Studio Museum in Harlem, Miami Art Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, Pace Roberts Foundation for Contemporary Art, Carnegie Museum of Art, The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Biennial Dakar (Dakar, Senegal), Saint Louis Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego.
Helping students to do this were Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and NLD founder Jack Hidary in Washington, D.C., and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein and Professor Benjamin Davis of The Cooper Union College in New York City.
In a speech at New York's Cooper Union College, Obama said that the new reforms proposed by his government would protect both taxpayers and banks after the recent recession.
He held a B.S., PhD, Cooper Union Institute of Technology, 1932; Postgraduate studies: Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, 1935-1936; Harvard, 1944-1945; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1944-1945; New York University, 1946-1947.
Cumberbatch, a professor at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, a private, free-tuition college in New York City, lived in northwestern Ghana, where his father was a doctor, just after independence.
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