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a fluid agent (gas or liquid) that produces cooling

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Further, there will be other channels for inlet of cooling liquid.
The seals also have to be compatible with the cooling liquid to prevent seal swell, shrink, brittlement, or other distortions.
This choice requires power, a cooling liquid reservoir and connecting tubes.
Its task was dropping red-hot door handles and other car parts into cooling liquid.
A complete one-axis positioning solution, the GLM30 provides 3,000 N of continuously useable linear force when a cooling liquid supply is connected to its integrated motor coil coolant connections.
This scheme offers a simple and compact solution to transfer cooling liquid directly into a gigascale integrated (GSI) chip, and is fully compatible with conventional flip-chip packaging," said Bing Dang, a graduate research assistant in electrical and computer engineering at Georgia Tech.
They spent more than two hours cooling liquid petroleum gas cylinders and fighting flames which had spread to the rubbish underneath.
To prevent contamination from the cooling liquid used during cutting the sample can be dry cut.
The key to the operation is a pair of stainless steel freezer bowls that contain a cooling liquid between their double insulated walls.
It was a cooling liquid gold; the perfect tonic to reduce the summer heat to the dull hum of background noise.
If the engine's cooling liquid were to freeze, you'd have problems as soon as you turned the key.
The smaller NPG bubbles recondense in the coolant stream sooner, turning back into a cooling liquid instead of an aerated stream of vapor and liquid, like EGW on its way to recondense in the radiator.
Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 30 minutes or so in the cooling liquid.
This alignment, however, can lead to convection currents in the molten metal that redistribute the cooling liquid throughout the casting and increase overall casting solidification rate.
The sweat travels to the skin surface through sweat ducts - special passageways for the cooling liquid.