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a fluid agent (gas or liquid) that produces cooling

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To prevent contamination from the cooling liquid used during cutting the sample can be dry cut.
The key to the operation is a pair of stainless steel freezer bowls that contain a cooling liquid between their double insulated walls.
It was a cooling liquid gold; the perfect tonic to reduce the summer heat to the dull hum of background noise.
Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 30 minutes or so in the cooling liquid.
This alignment, however, can lead to convection currents in the molten metal that redistribute the cooling liquid throughout the casting and increase overall casting solidification rate.
The sweat travels to the skin surface through sweat ducts - special passageways for the cooling liquid.
However, no one has yet succeeded in cooling liquid water to such a low temperature without ending up with solid ice.
6 degrees F, this "indirect cooling" technology pumps outside air to lower the temperature of the cooling liquid, which is used to cool the data center.
During cutting process can appear a lot of errors like: work cycles as active stages during the tool changing (in fact these must be temporarily canceled), the choice of wrong or inexistent axes (the postprocessor must select those axes that support speed), indication of unavailable cooling liquid (postprocessor must indicate the right available cooling liquid) etc.
Used in the mold itself, the revolutionary baffle promotes uniform flow of the cooling liquid via a propriety channel design delivering faster cycle times.
booking period - 13,000 l; III, purchase items, "the cooling liquid (concentrate) buses, heavy duty gas engines and cooling systems - Preliminary points 24 months.