Cooley's anemia

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a fatal form of homozygous thalassemia (inherited from both parents) in which there is no hemoglobin

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"We are thrilled to welcome Peter back as National President, a position he held from 1994 to 1998," said Craig Butler, National Executive Director of the Cooley's Anemia Foundation.
Children born with thalessemia major (Cooley's anemia) are normal at birth, but develop severe anemia during the first year of life.
Bank (medicine and genetics and development, Columbia U.), who specializes in Cooley's anemia research, discusses this severe and potentially fatal disease, addressing its emotional and medical impact on patients and their families through six real-life stories, as well as current research, the search for a cure, and therapy and future approaches to thalassemia, such as gene therapy, stem cell transplantation, and antenatal diagnosis.
Babies with the disorder - also called Cooley's anemia after U.S.
The Cooley's Anemia Foundation of Westchester, of which Lou has been a Vice President since 1986, honored him as Man of the Year in 1999.
Defects in both beta-chains result in a severe anemia called thalassemia major or Cooley's anemia. The clinical features of maxillary hyperplasia and prominence of the frontal bones of the face occur in this type of anemia.
(5) By contrast, beta-thalassemia major (Cooley's anemia), an inherited microcytic anemia, may be associated with iron overload, and levels of ferritin (an iron-storage protein) may be positively correlated with lipid peroxidation product concentrations in this disorder.
Children born with the beta thalassemia major (also known as Cooley's Anemia in many countries) may experience profound anemia, jaundice, and failure to thrive prior to diagnosis.
Cooley's anemia, also called thalassemia major, is an inherited blood disease that occurs most frequently in people of Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, southern Asian, and African ancestry.
Patients with the most serious form of beta-thalassemia -- called Cooley's anemia -- seldom lived to see their 15th birthdays.