Charlie Parker

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United States saxophonist and leader of the bop style of jazz (1920-1955)

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"What doesn't go better with cool blues than hot BBQ!" says event organizer Renee Brooks, of Pass Christian Harbor Festivals.
COOL BLUES: Mamas & Papas summer collection includes fashionable denims
Cool blues and lilacs in different tones combine to create a relaxing bedroom scene, and lighting can be used to warm the effect a little.
Cool blues and greens line up with oyster and pearls to give a fresh finish to the fingers.
A calm and serene tone is expressed with the cool blues and greens.
Awash with striking symmetrical shots and velvety smooth transitions, Possible Worlds employs a sensuous palette that vacillates allusively from cool blues, greys and whites to warm ochres and browns.
Bands of cool blues, greens, and violet are surrounded by warm reds and oranges against a field of bright yellow.
I recognize the old folk tune: "The water is wide, I can't get o'er, neither have I the wings to fly..." They say you come here to see if your ticker still works, between the hot Jambalaya and the cool blues Joints, the hot strip clubs and the cold midnight cemetery tours, you'll test the old pump.