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a stove for cooking (especially a wood- or coal-burning kitchen stove)

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Summary: The modified cook stoves serve a dual purpose: reduced emissions, improving air quality and therefore the health of women exposed to daily smoke and reduced fuelwood consumption
Before he started Silverfire, Albi created StoveTec for Aprovecho Research Center near Cottage Grove, which sold Chinese-built wood burning cook stoves.
The project also supports information campaigns to cook stove retailers and end-users, who are typically women, towards self-sustaining use of the cook stoves.
This method is therefore employed in evaluating the performance of the nozzle type cook stove and compared with the performance of the 3-stone open fire, which it intends to replace.
For the fifteen new branches that opened in 2008, however, sales data show that SHS sales still significantly outperformed the Improved Cook Stove sales.
The Cinta Mekar Micro-Hydro Power Plant project and the Kulon Progo Improved Cook Stove Project in Indonesia demonstrate the development effectiveness of off-grid renewable energy projects.
If the two billion people in the world who currently cook over an open fire had access to an inexpensive cook stove, greenhouse gas emissions and super-polluting black soot could be drastically reduced, according to recent studies conducted by the Global Health and Environment Program at the University of California, Berkeley.
Previous improved cook stove programs in India and elsewhere have often failed, however, either because households were not properly trained in how to use the new technologies or because adapting to the new stoves required users to change their traditional cooking methods.
Since his mother was not keen on turning her kitchen into a casting facility, we used an old cook stove at my parents' home, where we melted the lead and cast the figures.
When the heat of summer descended, before the days of widespread rural electrification, many a farm's culinary captain moved the cook stove out of the house and into a smaller single-room building called the summer kitchen.
WOOD-BURNING COOK STOVE is an EPA-certified wood-burning stove that provides heat and offers a cooking surface.
You need to have a sleeping bag (rated thirty to forty degrees even in the summer), tent, high energy/lightweight food for three-plus days, cook stove, flashlight, water, a water purification system or iodine tablets, extra clothes including a warm hat and rain gear, poop shovel, a comprehensive first aid kit, a map, and compass.