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The show is still several weeks away but you can witness their appearance at Hoochie Coochie for free (before 10pm, PS5 entrance after that).
I heard Long John Baldry and the Hoochie Coochie Men in a club in Wilmslow in the 1960s when Rod Stewart was his harmonica player, but I never saw Big Jack Bradley and the Hanky Panky Boys.
On the album, besides his three original compositions, Kumar has covered other bluesmen's songs, not all of them very common-Hank Ballard's Hoochie Coochie Coo and Memphis Slim's Wish Me Well are two of them.
More than 10,000 fans spread out on the grassy field of Oswiecim's stadium Saturday night to hear Clapton play a scorching set of old hits such as "Pretending," "Cocaine," "Hoochie Coochie Man" and "Layla"the acoustic version.
The Muddy Waters hit "Hoochie Coochie Man'' was recorded in 1954, but other popular rock anthems that year included "The Naughty Lady From Shady Lane,'' and "Hernando's Hideaway.
Leigh McDougall I'D love to know how much the Gucci Coochie Coo mums, who buy nothing but designer clothes for their kids, take in child benefit, paid for by mugs like me who can't afford a decent winter jacket?
Then asked for free delivery and a side of coochie soup.
Coochie coochie coo etc etc - Samantha Cameron (would-be PM David Cameron's now not-so-secret weapon in helping him get elected) is carrying a now-not-so-secret weapon of her own - another little Cameron, who may or may not be brought up in Number 10.
JAZZ & BLUES Courtney Pine & Omar Puente: The Assembly, Spencer St, Leamington Spa 0192 652 3001; Blues open mic / Cry Baby and the Hoochie Coochie Boys: Tower of Song, 107 Pershore Rd South, Kings Norton 0121 486 1300; Andy Hamilton and the Blue Notes: 8.
After the show (in April), I sent Jeff a list of songs I think we could record - Muddy Waters stuff like I Got My Brand On You and Hoochie Coochie Man," Contactmusic quoted him as telling Rolling Stone magazine.
An eclectic mix of standards ("Hoochie Coochie Man," "Whipping Post"), such rock classics as the Rolling Stones' "Stop Breaking Down," the Beatles' "Come Together," Cream's "White Room" and even CSNY's "Teach Your Children" and playful goofiness ("Santa, Bring My Baby Back to Me"), the album spotlights Healey's extraordinary ability to invoke familiar sounds while making every song uniquely his own.
Voodoo: Hoochie Coochie and the Creative Spirit" roughly coincided with Nicolas Bourriaud's grand Tate Triennial, a twenty-first-century mission statement on the future of curating filled with large-scale, theoretically au courant works.
Hip-O Select has received the Mojo Magazine Reissue Of The Year award for Max Romeo's War Ina Babylon, the Blues Foundation's Handy Award for Reissue Of The Year for the Muddy Waters volume Hoochie Coochie Man, and prestigious Alex art design awards for the latter collection and The Complete Motown Singles, Volume One: 1959 to 1961.
By 1996 Mojo had moved to Pembrokeshire, and formed the The Hoochie Coochie Band four years later.
Sadly, however, their records, including Muddy Waters's Hoochie Coochie Man, Leadbelly's Sweet Mary and Sam and Dave's I Take What I Want, didn't sell well in the UK, though they did better in Europe.