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Evolution and spread of glyphosate resistance in Conyza bonariensis in California and a comparison with closely related C.
The only extensively employed species from the genus Inula are Inula conyza (Griess.
5 -- Comptonia peregrina (sweet fern) * (T) -- -- -- Conyza canadensis (horseweed) * 2.
Essential oils from 6 species showed varying levels of toxicity, with Conyza newii (Compositae) and Plectranthus marruboides (Labiateae) being the most potent.
Keywords: Conyza newii; Plenctranthus marruboides; Compositae; Labiateae; Anopheles gambiae; Fumigant toxicity; Essential oil composition; Perillaldehyde; Perillyl alcohol
6), along with the annuals Froelichia floridana, Conyza canadensis, Crotonopsis linearis, Chamaecrista fasciculata, and young individuals of the perennial sedge Cyperus schweinitzii, all with importance values between 7.
Such an occurrence was observed for Conyza bonariensis, which showed a lower nutrient content after growing in the soil treated with methyl bromide (Table 2).
Species of the genus Conyza noted for infest abandoned areas, pasture and perennial crops.
2008a, b) on the influence of resident and foreign AM on growth invasiveness of alien Anthemis cotula in Kashmir Himalaya vis-a-vis the effect of four common co-occurring neighbours, Conyza canadensis, Galinsoga parviflora, Sisymbrium loeselii and Daucus carota.
Anti-inflammatory activity of extracts from Conyza canadensis.
Abundant forbs were Agalinis tenuifolia (slender gerardia), Aster oolentangiensis, Comandra umbellata (star toadflax), Conyza canadensis (horseweed), Eupborbia corollata (flowering spurge), Fragaria virginiana, Lechea leggettii (pinweed), Lupinus perennis (wild lupine), Phlox pilosa (prairie phlox), Potentilla simplex, Pleridium aquilinum, Rubus flagellaris, and Solidago nemoralis (gray goldenrod).
On species of the genera Aster, Conyza and Erigeron, and recorded in provinces in eastern Canada and in states of northeastern USA.