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a penal institution where prisoners are exiled (often located on an island from which escape is difficult or impossible)

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The description of life in Hobart Town gives the reader a sense of young Australia as a rough and violent convict settlement.
His aim was to explain the journey Australia took from being a convict settlement with an uncertain future to a self-governing country, and he certainly delivered on his promise.
54 million, Punjab Jail & Convict Settlement of Rs.
Two hundred years ago, Port Arthur became the site of Australia's most infamous convict settlement.
57 Millions, Punjab Jail & Convict Settlement Rs.
67 million, Punjab Jail and Convict Settlement Rs 5.
172 billion for jails and convict settlements in the budget 2017-18.
The selections, which range from the early days of convict settlements to the new millennium, include letters, journals, speeches and songs along with published prose works and poetry.
The differing basis for settlement played a critical role initially, in that the convict settlements in Australia produced coercive and interventionist forms of state regulation.
Roberts' own work on aspects of the management of the Newcastle and Wellington convict settlements should also be noted (Roberts 2000, 2010; Roberts and Garland 2010).