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the quality of being exchangeable (especially the ability to convert a currency into gold or other currencies without restriction)

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Debt servicing for convertible currency debt during the year amounted to US$ 30.
In the past six months, official pronouncements about the imminent removal of the Cuban convertible currency (CUC) have become more frequent.
2) Earlier, non-residents leaving the Indian shores, had to convert the unspent Indian currency into any convertible currency before the immigration/customs desk.
Pakistan offered over 180 million consumers, huge untapped resources, fully convertible currency, unrestricted equity, unconstrained profit repatriation, no compulsion for a local partner, no double taxation and attractive tax breaks, which has so far lured 600 multinationals with 100 from UK into this promising market, he added.
The country has had an average economic growth rate of 5% since 1994, maintains a single digit inflation rate (below 2% since 2007), as well as a stable and convertible currency (CFA Franc) pegged to the Euro.
Remittance abroad of all or part of the Invested Foreign Capital, in a convertible currency, that was brought into Jordan for the purposes of investment, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations;
McDermott has had to explain many times to potential clients that the yuan is not a convertible currency, and also how the censorship environment is different from what people in Hollywood are used to.
The deal, signed by the central banks of China and Taiwan on Thursday, is likely to increase the momentum of turning the Chinese yuan into an internationally convertible currency.
In the budget for 2010-11 fiscal, Nepal Government had declared to give cash incentives of around 2% to 4% of the overall value of exports to third country exporters based on the extent of value addition, so as to strengthen exports in convertible currency.
The proceeds from the stake sale would be used for paying off the foreign convertible currency bond debts and expanding the business further," Bedi said.
a Cato senior fellow, reminds us that liberalism went hand in hand with a convertible currency under the classical gold standard.
It may even have to accept agricultural products from remaining purchasers of its oil like India in lieu of the payments in partially convertible currency as it has been forced to do of late.
The pound would be a fully convertible currency in an independent Scotland and the UK Government couldn't stop us using it.
The sum of the Bank's convertible currency paid-in capital, total
In my view, there is a stronger signal that China is a key player but also an important partner in the composition of this C* easily convertible currency of the IMF," Lagarde said.