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conversion to Christianity

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The court was told that Soodmand had drunk a liter and a half of vodka before the incident, and has since converted to Christianity.
We have been living in peace right since we converted to Christianity.
said, " They were converted to Christianity in Mumbai last year.
BAALBEK, Lebanon: A woman who left her parents' house over mistreatment after she converted to Christianity was placed in the custody of Hezbollah's Shura Council member Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek Monday.
She was raised by two women until the age of 10 (she's only met her biological father once, when she was 4, and doesn't consider his absence from her life a detriment), when they broke up and her birth mother, Debbie, converted to Christianity.
Many Nabateans converted to Christianity, and beginning around 350 A.
Indeed, he was raised in a liberal, secular household by Reform Jewish parents, and only converted to Christianity when he was 17.
Released the same day was Ehsan Behrooz, a 24-year-old student who had converted to Christianity.
A part of the Roman Catholic Church, the Chaldeans converted to Christianity in the first century and have since been based in Iraq.
We have converted to Christianity to lead a life of dignity and honours.
If I was suddenly converted to Christianity I would never wear a cross around my neck.
INDIA: Scores of low-caste people known as dalit in southern India converted to Christianity or Buddhism during a public event that organizers say was designed to protest a new law restricting religious conversion.
More often than one might imagine, it referred to a new Christian (a Jew converted to Christianity), or to a new Jew (a Jew who, having converted to Christianity, once again embraced Judaism).
The country's Christian "success story" is also remarkable in lig ht of the fact that only about 4 percent of the Asian population is Christian and that Christianity, both Catholic and Protestant, has failed to strike roots in Japan and China -- neighboring countries with strikingly similar social organization and shared cultural traditions -- where less than 1 percent of the population has converted to Christianity.
Consequently, some Jews have fled to other cities, but a large segment of the Jewish population has converted to Christianity in order to be accepted by the gentiles and to create career opportunities.