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conversion to Christianity

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Mohammad Eghtedarian, who fled Iran as a refugee, was ordained as a curate at the Anglican Cathedral, having converted to Christianity upon his arrival in the UK.
We have been living in peace right since we converted to Christianity.
said, " They were converted to Christianity in Mumbai last year.
BAALBEK, Lebanon: A woman who left her parents' house over mistreatment after she converted to Christianity was placed in the custody of Hezbollah's Shura Council member Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek Monday.
Born to Muslim parents, Nadarkhani converted to Christianity at the age of 19 and despite repeated requests from the court has refused to repent of his faith
George, passing through on his travels, slew the dragon, so the grateful citizens abandoned their paganism and converted to Christianity.
According to judicial sources, the three other defendants were Muslims who were converted to Christianity by missionaries who came to Algeria from France and Belgium, reported ASHARQ AL AWSAT.
Shapoor Innam came to Britain from Afghanistan in 2003 and converted to Christianity, but later became hooked on heroin and alcohol.
This led to conflicts between human rights and religious organizations, especially since he married a Muslim woman, who had also converted to Christianity and changed her name from Zeinab to Christine.
Ramon Benvenistes has a secret: he's from a family of conversos, Jews who have converted to Christianity.
Ethnasios, 57, converted to Christianity 34 years ago and has unofficially changed his name to match his new religious identity.
Possibly because the Romans converted to Christianity and had to blame someone else for a crucifixion that was their total responsibility.
Sincemoving to England, Jila has converted to Christianity and become closely involved with the Evangelical Jubilee Church on Grange Road, Middlesbrough.
Ahmed Namiq even converted to Christianity in order to more easily obtain asylum in Europe.
Mr Ali was born a Muslim but converted to Christianity after meeting Western missionaries.