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of communal life sequestered from the world under religious vows

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This pushed the Conventual Franciscans at the gathering into open rebellion: they rose up crying "Liberty
Finally, it is likely that the Santo's Conventual Franciscans, who had intimate daily contact with the altar, would have been directly addressed during the liturgy by the engaging gestures of the statues.
In some ways, these blank expressions, the rough figures who populate parts of the reliefs, even the repeatedly modified (and now missing) framework of the entire altar would have allowed contemporary viewers to project their own particular and ever-changing concerns as Antonine pilgrims, elite Paduans, and Conventual Franciscans onto those parts of the complex that addressed them most directly.
80 In 1424, Conventual Franciscans represented nearly a third of all professors of theology at the University.
Croce or Venetians in the Frari, two other Conventual Franciscan churches.
Unlike the choice of materials, the iconography of the main group of large statues does not, at first glance, appear very different from the many Madonna and saints compositions (so-called Sacre Conversazioni) commissioned for both Observant and Conventual Franciscan churches throughout the fifteenth century.
Alvise Vivarini's 1480 altarpiece for the Conventual Franciscan church of S.